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Idaho State University

Mission and Goals


Shared Mission Statement

The shared mission of the College of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences (CRCS) is to advance the overall missions of Idaho State University and the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences by educating current and future rehabilitation and communication science professionals. The CRCS fosters interprofessional academic and clinical experiences for the faculty and students to promote excellence in providing collaborative evidence-based practice,  and ethical patient/client-centered care. We serve the state of Idaho and the world by providing innovative, accessible learning experiences via on-site, distance and online courses, graduating knowledgeable, accomplished professionals, and influencing future professional practice through our vital contributions to research and creative scholarly activities.


Operational Goals for the CRCS for 2018-19

 Our focus for this year is to establish the College, promote awareness of the College, and lay the foundation for its future success.   

  1. Develop and update policies for the College. College policies should supplement and support policy of the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences and the University. College policy should apply equally to both departments and all programs of the college. College policies should not duplicate the policies of the University, Division, departments or programs.
  2. Increase public awareness of the College within the university and wider communities.
  3. Develop a College newsletter and webpage.
  4. Establish advisory boards. The Dean's Student Advisory Board should be established by the end of fall 2018. A community Adviosry Board should be established by the end of spring semester 2019.
  5. Implement the newly approved PhD in Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences. In the initial stages, the CRCS Executive Committee will serve as the guiding board for the PhD program. All decisions and actions in support of the PhD program will be approved by the Executive Committee until a different board is established.