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Idaho State University

DMS Cost

The DMS program at Idaho State University is a self-funded program. This means all the funds collected through student tuition and fees goes directly to support the DMS program. This also means the cost of the DMS program is different than the regular ISU "per credit" or "full-time" tuition. The overall cost of ISU's DMS program is set to be competitive with regional DMS programs (i.e. Boise State and Weber State).


Cost per Credit

The cost per credit in the DMS program is $277.93 per credit hour. For the 46 credits required for completion of the DMS program, the total cost will be $12,784.78.

The table below shows the estimated cost per semester.

13 credits 17 credits 16 credits
$3,613.09 $4,724.81 $4,446.88




Note: Because the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is a self-support program, employees of the university do not receive a tuition break.