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DMS Admission Requirements

Openings are limited primarily due to limited available clinical education centers. As a result, a means of selecting those students with the greatest potential for success is necessary. Preference is given to Idaho residents. Students should access our website in early December to download the application.

In addition please note that we do require official ISU transcripts and all other official college transcripts be sent to the mailing address below. Electronic copies of official transcripts may be sent from a university's Registrar office directly to . No electronic copies of transcripts submitted by applicants will be accepted. Completed applications and application fee should be mailed or brought into our office by February 15th. 

Physical Address:

600 Memorial Drive

Building 66 Room 225

Pocatello, ID


Mailing Address:

ATTN: Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Idaho State University

921 South 8th Avenue STOP 8002

Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

Have you ever (for ANY reason) been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) may prohibit you from taking the certification examination if you have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. You must contact the ARDMS to establish your eligibility. This pre-application review must be completed by March 20th or your seat in the program will be forfeited. ARDMS, 1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600, Rockville, MD 20852-1402, Phone: (800) 541-9754. Minor traffic violations do not need to be reported unless they involve a DUI.

Admission Criteria

Applicants must possess current ARRT RT(R) registration and certification (or be a student eligible to take the ARRT radiography exam). Verification of credentials required.

Applicants are ranked according to overall academic grade point average (GPA) from the 21 courses* listed below. The ranking of students is accomplished as follows:

1. Points are awarded for grades in each of the following courses:





ENGL 1102

Writing and Rhetoric II


COMM 1101

Fundamentals of Oral Communication


MATH 1153

Statistical Reasoning

(may substitute MGT 2216 Business Statistics)


BIOL 1101

Biology I (with lab)


PHYS 1100

Essentials of Physics


CHEM 1101

Introduction to General Chemistry

(may substitute CHEM 1111 5 cr)


INFO 1101

Digital Information Literacy


Obj. 9

Cultural Diversity


CHP 2210/HCA 2210/HE 2210

Medical Terminology & Comm.


BIOL 2227

Anatomy & Physiology I

(may substitute BIOL 3301 and BIOL 3301L)


BIOL 2227L

Anatomy & Physiology I Lab


BIOL 2228

Anatomy & Physiology II

(may substitute BIOL 3302 and BIOL 3302L)


BIOL 2228L

Anatomy & Physiology II Lab


MGT 3312

Individual & Organizational Behavior


HCA 4475

Health Law & Bioethics


HCA 3384

Human Resource Management in Health Care Organizations-Fall Only

(may substitute MGT 4473)


RS 3325

Patient Care


RS 3375

Pediatric Imaging


RS 4430



BIOL 4470

Cross-Sectional Anatomy


RS 4450

Research or Scholarly Writing


*Please note that these courses are used to evaluate applicants, they are not required prerequisites.

A grade of A is worth 4 points, B's are 3 points, C's are 2 points, D's are 1 point, and F's are 0 points. Plus (+) and minus (-) grades are converted to whole letter grades for point assignments. The points are then multiplied times the credit hour weighting of the course to determine the total points for each course. Credits transferred to ISU that are considered as equivalent to the ISU course(s) listed above, will be weighted according to the credit hours from the original institution, but no greater than the ISU course weighting. For example, if a student completed a four (4) credit statistics course at XYZ University and it is considered equivalent to the ISU MATH 1153 course, the weighting would be three (3) credits and not four (4). Quarter credit hour credits will be converted to "semester" credits for the purpose of weighting. One (1) quarter credit hour shall be considered to be 2/3 of a semester credit hour.

If a student tests out of a course or is otherwise given credit for a course by the ISU Registrar, including military credit, then the grade used for calculation of points shall be an "A" unless a different letter grade is earned (i.e. B, C, D, or F). If a student tests out of a course or is otherwise given credit for a course by the ISU Registrar, including military credit, but takes the course anyway, then the grade used for calculation of points shall be the grade earned in the course.

A passing “P” or a “TS” grade will be counted as a “C” unless proven otherwise with official documentation.

2. Residency - Idaho residents shall be awarded 4 points.

3. Additional registries beyond RT(R) (e.g. CT, mammography, MRI, NM, etc.) 50 points per modality. Verification of credentials required.

4. The total points accumulated from the calculations in #1 through #3 above shall then be multiplied times the student's cumulative grade point average of the prerequisite courses, for a total point value.

5. Interview: The top 12 ranked applicants will be contacted by phone and an interview will be scheduled. Maximum of 100 points will be awarded for the interview process.

6. Applicants must provide 2 letters of recommendation (1 from a radiologist or medical provider, 1 from a manager, supervisor, or clinical instructor) in regards to the applicant’s image quality, work flow and clinical practices, work ethic, attendance & dependability, professionalism, etc. Up to 25 points per letter will be awarded upon review.

7. The students will be ranked according to the total points accumulated. The students with the highest accumulated points will be selected for program admission in accordance with the number of openings available. For example, if there are 6 vacancies then the top 6 students will be selected.

8. Alternates for admission will be selected on the basis of their ranking.

9. In the event of a tie during the selection process the following procedure will be initiated in the following order: a) additional ARRT certifications (e.g. CT, mammography, MRI, etc.) b) years of clinical experience, c) the student with the highest number of the prerequisite classes taken at ISU, d) random drawing of name.


The admission procedures must be completed and received by the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program by February 15th. Classes begin in the Summer semester. A completed application consists of five (5) items as follows: 1) Completed application form for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. 2) Official college transcripts of ALL college coursework completed up to the time of application. 3) Verification of imaging credentials. 4) Two letters of recommendation as described above. 5) A non-refundable application fee ($100), made payable to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. Upon acceptance to the DMS Program, all students must apply for admission to Idaho State University. 

Notification of Acceptance

Students will be informed by March 20th of their admission status. Notification will be sooner if possible.

Clinical Assignments

Assignment to affiliated hospital radiology departments for clinical education is done by Radiographic Science and Diagnostic Medical Sonography Faculty. You may be assigned to any clinical affiliate associated with the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.

Background Checks/Drug Testing

Students must pass a background check and drug testing prior to clinical attendance. If a student does not pass, their position will be forfeited in the program.

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