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Steps for Payment to Supplier/Vendor

Disbursements processes payment for goods and services purchased on a Purchase Order (PO)

  • A completed requisition processed in Banner for Purchasing
  • Completed PO approved by a Purchasing Buyer and forward to the vendor
  • Vendor Ships product or service is performed.
  • Upon receipt in Central Receiving or in Department, a receiver is entered into Banner.
  • Vendor invoice has been received by Accounts Payable (

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Purchase Order Invoice Do's

  • While the University prefers invoices to be sent from the supplier to Accounts Payable, sometimes invoices may inadvertently be directed to you.  When this occurs, please forward the invoice to Accounts Payable immediately at
  • Advise all vendors to email invoices to Accounts Payable
  • All invoices submitted to the University for payment must reference a current purchase order number.
  • Complete a for any items shipped to the department.
  • All invoices must match the purchase order detail for items ordered, quantity and price listed. If the invoice generated does not match the purchase order, please contact the Purchasing Department for assistance prior to submitting the invoice: 208-282-3111

Invoice Payment Delay's

  • Incorrect or expired PO number given to the vendor when an order is placed.
  • No PO number provided to a vendor when an order was placed.
  • A receiver is not entered by Central Receiving or Department.
  • Change Order is not processed to reflect changes to the PO (added items, increased cost).
  • Placing an order without a predetermined payment method (i.e. Approved PO or PCard).