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Independent Contractor Fee Payment Request

Independent Contractor Payment Request Form is not intended to be used in lieu of or as a substitute for payroll forms.

Independent Contractor Payment Request Form should be used for the following:

  • Consulting fees payable to an individual or organization under an agreement to provide professional services.
  • Independent services where individuals or organizations agree to provide services at a stated price or rate.
  • Guest lecturers and performer fees.
  • Honorary payments made on a special and non-routine basis to an individual that is not an employee of the University to
    recognize outstanding achievement, or acknowledge gratuitous service to the University.

Required Documentation for US Residents

  • Completed W9
  • Formal signed contract from Legal on file within the Department.
  • Payments $1000+ must have the formal signed contract or engagement letter attached to the Independent Contractor Payment Request Form.

Required Documentation for Non-Resident Aliens


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