How to Buy

Step 1 - Planning

It takes quite a bit of time to submit a requisition and create a purchase order.  To save time, plan ahead.

Determine whether the goods or services you wish to purchase are available on a state contract. Another option is to check ISU Surplus for previously used items that are available at considerable savings. If planning to make a Purchase Order, log onto BANNER FTIIDEN for a list of registered vendors.  If a vendor isn't listed you have two options:

  1. Send the Vendor Registration Form and the W9 to the new vendor you plan to use. Once obtained from vendor send to  If you do a requisition you will note in your comments, New Vendor.  In Document Text, you will type in the vendor's contact information. OR,
  2. Send the vendors contact information to and Purchasing will contact the vendor and obtain the vendor registration form and W9. 

Step 2 - Buying Limits


The required solicitation process is determined by the dollar amount of the purchase and includes shipping and handling, tax, and the commodity type.

Buying Limits: $9,999 and under - Departments may place orders with third party suppliers without prior approval from the Purchasing Department. Between $10,000 and $99,999 - Informal Competition; Requires assistance from a buyer from the Purchasing Department. Over $100,000 - Formal Competition; Requires a public, written solicitation (Request for Proposal -RFP) with a minimum of three separate

 See the exemption items list for guidance on specific goods/services.

Step 3 - Buying Methods

When you're buying goods and services for the university, it's helpful to know the buying methods that are available to you and when it's appropriate to use them.

Remember to contact purchasing if your purchase exceeds $9,999.

Goods and Services

Travel Purchases

Types of Purchases

  • Goods and Purchased Services
    • Goods - materials, supplies, and equipment offered for sale by a supplier(s) and required by the University to accomplish continuing and necessary functions and not otherwise statutorily exempted.
    • Purchased Services - are more repetitive, routine or mechanical in nature; following established or standardized procedures. Services contribute to the day-to-day business operations of the agency.
  • IT Equipment
    • The machines, devices, and transmission facilities used in information processing
  • Personal Services and IT Personal Services
    • Professional or technical in nature and meets more specialized needs; 
    • Work is predominantly intellectual and varied
    • Work is independent of the day-to-day control of the agency; consultant maintains control of work methods.
    • Work requires a regular exercise of judgment, discretion, and decision-making; involves providing advice, opinions, or recommendations; may have policy implications for the agency; often addresses management-level issues.
    • May require advanced or specialized knowledge, or expertise gained over an extensive period of time in a specialized field of experience.
    • Work may be original and creative in character in a recognized field of endeavor, the result of which may depend primarily on the individual's invention, imagination, or talent.

Responsibilities of the Purchaser


All faculty, staff, and students at Idaho State University are required to adhere to the intent and spirit of the Purchasing Department Policies and Procedures. They are designed as a means to acquire the necessary goods and services as effectively and economically as possible, while also maintaining compliance with the laws of the State of Idaho. Employees are subject to penalties as described in Idaho Code, including, but not limited to, those in Section 67-9231.

Employees are prohibited from obtaining goods or services by avoiding the competitive process through such actions as splitting purchases, creating false emergency situations, and purchasing outside open contracts without authorization.

Any effort to circumvent or abuse State and University purchasing regulations and policies or procedures will not be condoned and is subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

All employees are involved in business transacted by the University in one form or another. Especially so are those professional purchasers and other personnel who purchase items and services, including those using the University P-card. Each employee has a personal responsibility to conduct University business in an ethical manner and assure the integrity of the purchasing and procurement processes.

Conflict of interest

If you have private interest compete with your professional obligations with ISU to a degree that an independent observer might reasonably question whether your professional actions or decisions are materially affected by personal considerations, including but not limited to personal gain, financial or otherwise? You are therefore prohibited from entering into service contracts with or selling goods to the University.

Influencing/conspiring to influence

The University prohibits the influencing or conspiring to influence purchasing decisions and contract awards. Attempts at influence may include kickbacks and bribes, peddling or payment of a fee, back door selling, hard-sell tactics, fraternization, or offering gifts to avoid following published procedures or gain advantages.

Post issuance contract oversight is required to guarantee the University receives all goods and services as per the terms of the agreement.

Purchasing Services

(208) 282-3111

921 S. 8th Ave., Stop 8110 Pocatello, ID 83209

Administration Building, Room 114


Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Federal Grant Funded Procurements:

Idaho State University has delayed the implementation of the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards until July 1, 2018, as provided by the waiver of the procurement rules stated in Section 200.110 of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200). In the interim, Idaho State University will follow the previous procurement standards according to OMB Circular A-110.



921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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