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Safety Newsletters Heading

The safety newsletters are posted to raise awareness about Environmental Health and Safety issues to the campus community. 

Safety Newsletters




Headlines: Emergency Preparedness | Fire Safety | Training Opportunities: Public Safety Presentations | Sustainability | Crime Prevention: Operation Identification | Public Safety Spotlight: Samantha Jackson, Parking Traffic Supervisor | Safety Tip of the Month: Stay Safe This Semester 


Headlines: Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for College Students | Encounters: What to do When you Meet a Mountain Lion? | Hazardous Materials Incidents | Training Opportunities | Stop The Bleed | Fireworks Safety | ISU Alerts | Tip of the Month: How to Prevent Your Child from Texting and Driving


Headlines: Spring Driving Tips | Emergency Preparedness: Active Shooter Preparedness | Training Opportunities | Know How to Use A Fire Extinguisher | Avoid Lost or Stolen Items | RAVE Safety App | Tip of the Month: Severe Weather Awareness



Headlines: Warm up to the Hazards of the Cold! | Emergency Preparedness Tip of the Month: Active Shooter | Safe Holiday Drinking Tips | Reporting a Crime | ISU Snow Closures | Holiday Crime Prevention Tips | Public Safety Spotlights Renovations | Safety Tip of the Month


Headlines: Welcome! | Emergency Preparedness | Fire Safety | Training Opportunities Public Safety Presentations | Sustainability | Crime Prevention Safety Escorts | Public Safety Spotlight Dispatch Center | Safety Tip of the Month: RAVE Guardian Safety App


Headlines: The Heat is On! Summer Safety Tips | Emergency Preparedness: The Solar Eclipse August 21 | Training Opportunities | Summer & Vacations Food Safety | Heat Safety Tips | Lightning Safety: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors | Tip of the Month: Fireworks Safety


Headlines: Spring Break! Have Fun! Stay Safe! | Emergency Preparedness: Flooding | Training Opportunities | Flooding: Steps to Take in Your Building | Spring Break at Home & Easter Crime Prevention Tips | Public Safety Spotlight Rod Jackson | Tip of the Month: Yard Work Safety Tips