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Operations Identification

Operation Identification is nationally recognized by law enforcement as a citizen's burglary prevention program for use in the home or business. This program has existed for over 30 years.

The Operation ID program allows law enforcement to detect, identify, and return stolen or lost property to its rightful owner.

The Operation ID program involves marking or engraving property with an identifying number and displaying a window decal to discourage burglary and theft. The ideal identifying number is your state issued Driver's License number which is easily recognized and traced by law enforcement. Avoid using your social security number.

Public Safety has engravers in our Pocatello office located at 625 E Humbolt and the Idaho Falls office located at 1784 Science Center Drive (Bennion Bldg).

There are 2 important steps required to participate in the Operation ID program:
  1. Mark property or valuables with an identifying mark, preferably your driver’s license with state abbreviation followed by the license number. For example: ID-AB123456C
  2. Inventory your marked property on a form with descriptions including brand, model number, and serial number. Keep it in a safe place.