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Safety Education and Training Opportunities

Public Safety and Idaho State University aim to ensure that the campus community is conscious of their own safety.

ISU Public Safety officers coordinate efforts with the Director of University Housing, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Director of Student Health, the Idaho Falls Center Director, and local police Community Services Offices to initiate educational programs in the areas of crime prevention and safety awareness.

This is accomplished through programs such as Campus Watch, New Student Orientation, New Employee Orientation, workshops, seminars, dorm meetings, and pamphlets that target individual areas of concern.

Areas of Concern Include, but are not limited to:

  • residential security,
  • personal property inventory,
  • vehicle safety,
  • alcohol and drug awareness,
  • personal safety,
  • rape and acquaintance rape precautions,
  • domestic violence issues,
  • and what to do if you cannot avoid the occurrence of a problem.

Training Opportunities

Public Safety is available to provide active shooter survival training to individual departments and divisions. Ideally, this can be accomplished in a 15-20 minute presentation during regularly scheduled department and division meetings.

After the presentation, a walk-through can be conducted of specific offices and classrooms to discuss escape routes and barricade options.

Please give us a call at (208)282-2515 to schedule a presentation.

Sexual Assault Training, Education, and Information

More training and resources:

PUBLIC SAFETY              pubsafe@isu.edu              (208) 282-2515              625 E Humbolt St Pocatello, ID, 83209              @isupublicsafety     @isupublicsafety     @ISUPublicSafety     @isupublicsafety71