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Bomb Threat

Bomb threats are most commonly received via phone but can be made in person, via email, written notes, or other means. Facility supervisors and law enforcement will be in the best position to determine the threat's credibility.

If you receive a bomb threat 

  • Remain calm.
  • Notify authorities immediately.
  • For threats made via the phone:
    • Keep the caller on the line for as long as possible. Be polite and show interest to keep them talking.
    • Do not hang up - even if the caller does.
    • If possible, signal or pass a note to another individual to listen and help notify authorities.
    • Write down as much information as possible (Refer to the Bomb Threat Procedure Checklist)
    • Record the call, if possible.
  • Be available for interviews with facility supervisors and/or law enforcement.
  • Follow instructions from facility supervisors and/or law enforcement as they will assess the situation and provide guidance regarding facility lock-down, search, and/or evacuation.