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Crime Log Definitions

The following is an explanation of the terminology used to complete the disposition section of the ISU Public Safety crime log.

Active or Waiting for Supplement: The incident is currently being investigated by ISU Public Safety.

Referred to PPD: The incident is being investigated by the Pocatello Police Department.

Referred to Other Agency or Department: The specific agency or department will be identified in the disposition. The incident is being investigated by a law enforcement agency other than PPD or the incident is referred to the appropriate supervisory employee or to the ISU Human Resources Department. The other departments review the incident and determine if disciplinary action will be taken.

Referred to Student Affairs: The incident has been forwarded to Student Conduct under the Division of Student Affairs. Student Conduct is responsible for reviewing the case and for determining whether or not the student(s) involved will be charged with a violation(s) of the Student Code of Conduct.

Arrested by PPD: The subject(s) has been arrested by PPD.

Cited by PPD: The subject(s) has been cited by PPD.

Unfounded by PPD: The incident is determined through investigation by PPD to be false or baseless.

Closed: The incident is closed for one of the following reasons; incident has no suspects or witnesses, incident has no identifiable suspect, no further investigative action is required for the incident, or Public Safety did not investigate the incident because it was off campus or on public property.