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When our motivated and innovative students combined with our dedicated and enthusiastic faculty, look out. Together they formed the Center for Tactical Athletes Program (CTAP). Who knew it would be so popular and unique. Bailey Vail, Alex Urfer, and Derek Gerber formed the practicum experience for students to help educate and train police cadets currently enrolled in the academy at ISU.  The ISU DPT Program was highlighted in a CSM Presentation (2017) and subsequent PT in Motion Article regarding the Center for Tactical Athletes Program (CTAP). Read the article (pg 22) for more information

CTAP Class 2017 graduates


Taking it Overseas

Again, student generated and organized with faculty and alumni support, a group of professionals went to Guatemala for service in Tecpan through the JT Children Foundation.


Scholarly Activity

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If you are interested in sharing your clinical expertise, please consider the following:

Adjunct Instructors: 4 - 8 hours / week

Guest Lecturer: 1 - 4 hours

Client Volunteers: share your patient experience

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