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Research Forum 2021

Research Forum Welcome Video

Thank you for visiting our Virtual Poster Session!

Poster links are available below from students across both the Clinical and Experimental Programs from Wednesday, February 3, 2021 until Wednesday, February 10. 

Check out the video of our 2020 Data Blitz at the bottom of the page.

To connect live with presenters you can join the lab “Zoom Rooms” on Friday, February 5 between 2:00 - 4:30 pm MST.  To access the lab Zoom Rooms, find the meeting number and passcode from the “ISU Individual Interview Schedule 2021” email you received from Ashley Chatterton (

For any questions or concerns, you can contact Jennifer S. McDonald at  and 208-282-2709.

Research Forum Poster Session

Clinical Labs

Nicki Aubuchon-Endsley's Lab - Perinatal Psychobiology Lab

  1. Prenatal depression moderates the relationship between interpersonal trauma and cortisol awakening response

    Bengtson, L., & Aubuchon-Endsley, N.

    Presenter: Lillian Bengtson, B.A.

  2. Moderation Models of Infant in Utero Cortisol Exposure, Temperament, Breastfeeding and Sleep

    Sasaki, R., Scott, L., Aubuchon- Endsley, N., & Hambleton, J.

    Presenter: Lucinda Scott, M.S.

  3. Maternal Trauma & Maternal Postnatal Sensitivity: A Mediation Model of Infant Temperament Difficulty

    Hambleton, J. L., & Aubuchon-Endsley, N.

    Presenter: Jennifer L. Hambleton, B.S.

Steve Lawyer’s Lab - Human Impulsivity and Risk-Taking (HIRT) Lab

  1. Understanding the Cycle of Poverty: Does Perceived Financial Insecurity Increase Impulsive Choice?

    Camp, L. J., & Lawyer, S. R.

    Presenter: Lillith J. Camp, B.A

  2. Does recalling discrimination experiences make lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults more impulsive for sexual outcomes?: An experimental study

    Pemberton, S. E., & Lawyer, S. R.

    Presenter: Shelby E. Pemberton, M.A.

  3.  Is delay discounting differentially correlated with suicidal ideation?

    Malvini, W. R., & Lawyer, S. R.

    Presenter: Wesley R. Malvini, Senior Honors Undergraduate

Shannon Lynch's Lab

  1. Social Reactions to Disclosure of Interpersonal Violence: Effects on Coping Self-Efficacy in Incarcerated Women

    Perez, G. R., & Lynch. S. M.

    Presenter: Gabriela Perez

  2. Understanding the relations among adverse childhood experiences (ACE), substance use, and reoffending among juvenile offenders

    Weber, S., Atwood, M., Harper, C., & Lynch, S.

    Presenters: Shelby Weber, M.S. & Makenzie Atwood, B.S.

  3. Understanding the Associations between Experiences of Interpersonal Trauma, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Problems among Incarcerated Women

    Ahva Mozafari, Shelby Weber, Danielle Richner, Trevor Cole, and Shannon Lynch

    Presenter: Ahva Mozafari, M.S.

    **Ahva is a graduate student in Dr. Xu’s lab, however this work was with Dr. Lynch.

    Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies as Mediators of Shame Following Trauma

    Richner, D., & Lynch, S.

    Presenter: Danielle Richner, M.S.

Robert Rieske’s Lab - ISU Cares Lab

  1. Factors affecting caregiver experiences with the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic process

    Diane E. Keister, B.S., Karolina Štětinová, M.S., Gabriela Sepulveda, M.S., Megan Bigham, M.S., Samantha Johnston, B.A., & Robert D. Rieske, Ph.D

    Presenter: Diane E. Keister, B.S.

  2. The Influence of Perceived Parental Acceptance of Gender Diverse Identity Among Autistic Individuals on Quality of Life

    Bigham, M. H., & Rieske, R.

    Presenter: Megan Bigham, M.S.

  3. Parental Involvement in Autism Spectrum Disorder Interventions: The Impact of Internalizing Disorders and Self-Care Behaviors

    Johnston, S., & Rieske, R.

    Presenter: Sam Johnston, B.S.


    Sepulveda, G., & Rieske, R.

    Presenter: Gabriela Sepulveda, M.S.

Joshua Swift's Lab - Psychotherapy Process and Outcome Lab

  1. Religiosity and Spirituality of Therapists

    Mullins, R., & Swift, J.

    Presenter: Rhett H. Mullins, B.S.

  2. Integrating spirituality and religiosity into psychotherapy for military populations: A systematic review

    Penix, E. A., Roth, K., Mullins, R., Dimmick, A., Bennett, B., Swift, J. K., & Trusty, W. T.

    Presenter: Elizabeth A. Penix, M.S

  3. The Therapeutic Alliance, Collaboration, and the Experience of Microaggressions in Therapy For LGBTQIA+ Clients

    Roth, K. L., Pemberton, S., & Swift, J. K.

    Presenter: Katharine Roth, B.S

  4. Client Preferences for Spiritual Integration in Psychotherapy: A Meta-Analysis

    Trusty, W. T., Roth, K., Mullins, R., Swift, J. K., & Penix, E. A.

    Presenter: Wilson T. Trusty

Experimental Labs

Michele Brumley's Lab - ISU Behavioral Neuroscience Lab

  1. Rat Maternal Behavior Toward Offspring with Neural Insult: Effects of Maternal Hyposmia

    Martes, A. & Brumley, M.

    Presenter: Alleyna Martes, B.A.

  2.  ISU Developmental Behavioral Neuroscience Lab

    Bozeman, A. L., Martes, A. C., Jensen, M., Kohler, M., Meredith, J., Weedn, K., Ledbetter, H., & Brumley, M. R.

    Presenter: Aimee L. Bozeman, B.S.

Erika Fulton's Lab - META Lab

  1. Beliefs about Caffeine’s Effects on Cognition: A Survey Validation Study

    Huber, B. N., Madison, E., Fulton, E. K., Gray, D. F., & Crum, G.

    Presenter: Becca N. Huber, M.S.

  2. The Relationship between Music Therapy (MT) and Episodic Memory in Older Adults with MCI: A Comparison of Passive and Interactive MT

    Velazquez, M., & Fulton, E.

    Presenter: Michelle Velazquez, B.A.

  3. Positive, but not negative, self-perceptions of aging predict cognitive function in older adults

    Brown, K., Kim, J., Stewart, T., Fulton, E., & McCarrey, A. C.

    Presenter: Kellie Brown, M.S.

Tera Letzring’s Lab - Personality Judgment Lab

  1. Uncertainty in personality judgment: The role of anchoring bias on personality judgment accuracy

    Hubers, J., & Letzring, T.

    Presenter: Jacob Hubers

  2.  Is a Picture Worth 280 Characters? Personality and Political Ideology Judgement Accuracy on Twitter and Instagram

    Pedersen, C. E., Camillo, C., Gibson, J. R., & Letzring, T. D.

    Presenter: Chloe E. Pedersen
  3. The Impact of Prior True or False Information on Personality Trait Judgment Accuracy

    Gibson, J. R., & Letzring, T. D.

    Presenter: Jacob R. Gibson, M.S.

Erin Rasmussen's Lab

  1. Effects of Visual Cues on Food Consumption and Impulsivity in Binge Eating Prone and Resistant Rats: A Proposed Study

    Musquez, M. L., & Rasmussen, E. B.

    Presenter: Morgan L. Musquez, B.A.

  2. The Reinforcer Pathology of Food Addiction: A Proposed Study

    Baca-Zeff, S., Rodrigues, L. R., Yaeeun, L., & Rasmussen, E. B.

    Presenter: Sierra Baca-Zeff, B.S.

  3. The Effects of a Low and High Fat Diet and the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, Fluoxetine (Prozac), in an Animal Model of Depression

    Musquez, M., Alvarado, A., Herrera L., Cabanillas, I., & Sumaya, I.

    Presenter: Alam Alvarado, BA

Maria Wong’s Lab - Development and Resilience Lab

  1. Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience: The Mediating Role of Sleep

    Hillebrant-Openshaw, M. J., & Wong, M. M.

    Presenter: Madisen J. Hillebrant-Openshaw, B.S.

  2. The Moderating Role of Stress Response on the Relationship between Subjective Sleep Quality and Suicide Ideation in Adolescence

    McManimen, S., Ross, K., & Wong, M.

    Presenter: Stephanie L. McManimen, M.S.

  3. Who Am I? Deficits in Self-Concept Clarity Predict Alcohol-Related Problems

    Hynes, W., & Wong, M.

    Presenter: William T. Hynes, M.S.

  4. Substance use in adolescents: The role of parental support of autonomy and youth self-regulation, preliminary results **Project is in ongoing – please email presenter for poster access

    Lachance, K., & Wong, M.M.

    Presenter: Kathryn A Lachance, M.S.

Xiaomeng (Mona) Xu's Lab - THOR Lab

  1. Scrolling and social comparisons: How online romantic relationships affect the wellbeing of singles  **Project is ongoing – please email presenter for poster access

    Peterson, M., & Xu, X.

    Presenter: Makenzie Peterson, B.S.

  2. Understanding the Associations between Experiences of Interpersonal Trauma, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Problems among Incarcerated Women

    Ahva Mozafari, Shelby Weber, Danielle Richner, Trevor Cole, and Shannon Lynch

    Presenter: Ahva Mozafari, M.S.

    **Ahva is a graduate student in Dr. Xu’s lab, however this work was with Dr. Lynch.

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