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Steven R. Lawyer, Ph.D

Professor, Clinical Psychology - Director of Clinical Training

Office: Garrison Rm 424



B.A. (1995) Western Michigan University

M.S. (1997) Auburn University

Pre-Doctoral Clinical Internship (2001-02), University of Mississippi Medical Center

Ph.D. (2002) Auburn University

Postdoctoral Fellowship (2002-04), National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, Medical University of South Carolina

Research Interests

Dr. Lawyer's Discounting and Risk-Taking lab focuses on how choices that people make in their day-to-day lives impact their health and well-being. He uses procedures based in behavioral economics, with a particular focus on delay discounting and probability discounting, to understand the psychological and contextual factors that influence human health problem behaviors such as sexual risk-taking, obesity, and substance abuse. He also is interested in trauma and anxiety and evidence-based approaches to ethical research practices.

Dr. Lawyer will not be accepting students for admission in fall 2023.

Recent Publications

Mahoney, C. T., Lawyer, S. R., Pemberton, S. E., & Marchant, K. M. (2022). A laboratory examination of risky sexual behavior among female sexual trauma survivors. Journal of Traumatic Stress

Lawyer, S. R., Holcomb, B., & Prihodova, K. (2021). Immediate and delayed reactions to laboratory exposure to a trauma-related cue. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics.

Lawyer, S.R., Prihodova, T., Prihodova, K., Rasmussen, E., Doubkova, N., & Preiss, M. (2021). Steeper Delay Discounting for Potentially Real versus Hypothetical Cigarettes (but not money) in Czech Republic Smokers. The Psychological Record.

Lawyer, S. R. & Jenks, C. (2020). Emotion suppression decreases delay discounting for monetary outcomes. The Psychological Record, 70, 1-10.

Mahoney, C. T., & Lawyer, S. R. (2018). Domain-specific relationships in sexual measures of impulsive behavior. Archives of sexual behavior47(6), 1591-1599.

Smith, K., Lawyer, S.R., & Swift, J. (2018). A meta-analysis of nonsystematic responding in delay and probability discounting. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 26, 94-107.

Lawyer, S. R., & Mahoney, C. T. (2018). Delay discounting and probability discounting, but not response inhibition, are associated with sexual risk taking in adults. The Journal of Sex Research, 55, 863-870.