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Robert Rieske, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology

Office: Garrison Rm 426



B.S. in Behavioral Science (Psychology Emphasis), Utah Valley University (2008)

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Louisiana State University (2012)

Pre-doctoral Clinical Psychology Residency (2014-2015), Nationwide Children's Hospital/Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Louisiana State University (2015)

Research Interests

Assessment and treatment of anxiety and related problems in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorder (IDD/ASD).

Risk/protective factors in the development of comorbid psychopathology (e.g., anxiety, feeding problems, and challenging behaviors) in individuals with IDD/ASD.

Development and validation of assessment measures specific to the IDD/ASD population.

Dr. Rieske will be accepting new graduate students for admission in fall 2023.

Selected Publications

Sevin, J. A., Rieske, R. D., & Matson, J.L. (2015). A review of behavioral strategies and support considerations for assisting persons with difficulties transitioning from activity to activity. Review Journal of Autism And Developmental Disorders,. 1-14

Rieske, R. & Matson, J. L. (2014). Behavior problems and psychopathology. In E. Tsakanikos & J. McCathy (Eds.) Handbook of Psychopathology in Intellectual Disabilities. New York: Springer.

Matson, J. L., Adams, H. L., Williams, L. W., & Rieske, R. D. (2013). Why are there so many unsubstantiated treatments in autism? Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 7, 466-474.

Matson, J. L., Rieske, R. D., & Williams, L. W. (2013). The relationship between autism spectrum disorders and attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder: An overview. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34, 2475-2484..

Rieske, R. D., Matson, J. L., Beighley, J. S., Cervantes, P. E., Goldin, R. L., & Jang, J. (2013). Comorbid psychopathology rates in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders according to the DSM-IV-TR and the proposed DSM-5. according to the DSM-IV-TR and the proposed DSM-5. Developmental Neurorehabilitation. Advance online publication. doi: 10.3109/17518423.2013.790519

Rieske, R. D., Matson, J. L., & Davis III, T. E. (2013). The moderating effects of autism symptomatology on anxiety symptoms. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 25, 517-531.

Rieske, R. D., Matson, J. L., Davis III, T. E., Konst, M. J., Williams L., & Whiting, S. E. (2013). Examination and validation of a measure of anxiety specific to children with autism spectrum disorders.Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 16, 9-16.

Rieske, R. D., Matson, J. L., May, A. C., & Kozlowski, A. M. (2012). Anxiety in children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders: Significant differences and the moderating effects of social impairments. Journal of Physical and Developmental Disabilities, 24, 167-180.