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Idaho State University

Anna C. McCarrey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Experimental Psychology

Office: Garrison Rm 417


M.A (2007) University of Aberdeen, UK

Ph.D. (2012) University of New South Wales, Australia

Postdoctoral Fellow 

(2011-2012) University of Cambridge, UK

(2012-2016) National Institute on Aging, USA

Research Interests

Dr. McCarrey's research program examines factors that influence healthy psychological aging and decision-making ability.  She also studies psychological correlates of, and modifiable factors that promote, cognitive health and quality of life in older adulthood.  She uses experimental methodologies, psychophysiology and brain imaging to investigate these scientific research streams.

 Dr. McCarrey welcomes hearing from graduate and undergraduate students interested in studying aspects of aging science and health.

Selected Publications

Su, Y.S., Chen, J.T., Tang, Y.J., Yuan, S.Y., McCarrey, A.C., & Goh, J.O.S. (2018). Age-related

differences in striatal, medial temporal, and frontal involvement during value-based

decision processing. Neurobiology of Aging, 69, 185-198.


Goh, J.O.S., Su, Y., Tang, Y., McCarrey, A.C., Tereshchenko, A., Elkins, W. & Resnick, S.M. (2016).

Frontal, striatal, and medial temporal sensitivity to value distinguishes risk-taking from

risk-aversive older adults during decision making. The Journal of Neuroscience, 36(49),

12498 –12509.


McCarrey, A.C., An, Y., Kitner-Triolo, M., Ferrucci, L. & Resnick, S.M. (2016). Sex differences in

cognitive trajectories in clinically normal older adults. Psychology and Aging, 31, 166-175.


McCarrey, A.C. & Resnick, S.M. (2015). Postmenopausal hormone therapy and cognition.

Hormones and Behavior, 74, 167-172.


McCarrey, A.C., Pacheco, J., Carlson, O., Egan, J., Thambisetty, M., An, Y., Ferrucci, L. & Resnick,

S.M. (2014). Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is associated with longitudinal rates of cortical thinning.

Translational Neuroscience, 5, 1-7.


McCarrey, A.C., Henry, J.D., von Hippel, W., Weidemann, G., Sachdev, P., Wohl, M.J.A., & Williams,

M.A. (2012). Age differences in neural activity during slot machine gambling: An fMRI study.

PLoS ONE, 7(11): e49787. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0049787


McCarrey, A.C., Henry, J.D. & Luszcz, M. (2010). Potential mechanisms  contributing to decision-

making difficulties in late adulthood. Gerontology, 56, 430-434.


Phillips, L.H., Saldias, A., McCarrey, A.C., Henry, J.D., Scott, C., Summers, F. & Whyte, M. (2009).

Attentional lapses, emotional regulation and quality of life in multiple sclerosis. British

Journal of Clinical Psychology, 48, 101-106.

Psychology Department



Department of Psychology

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Psychology Clinic

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Psychology Clinic

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