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Alumni and Friends

Professor speaking to an alum

We greatly appreciate gifts of support from alumni and friends for the Department of Political Science here at Idaho State University. We do our best to make our department run professionally, provide our faculty with the resources to teach effectively, and give our students opportunities beyond the classroom. Budgets are always tight and resources are limited, so your contributions, in any amount, make a big difference in providing our students with the best educational experience possible.

Your donations to our department are used to help support the recruitment of distinguished speakers whom we invite to our department and campus, to support undergraduate and graduate student travel to professional conferences and field trips, to support awards for our best student papers and theses, to build our Political Science Library collection, and to sponsor symposia and colloquia where scholars, politicians, and students impart their knowledge and experience.

We cannot underestimate how important contributions to our department are and how they help us sustain and strengthen our programs

If you wish to donate you can fill out the Idaho State University Pledge Form online and direct your gift to the Political Science Department. If you prefer to send your donation through the mail, you can print and complete the pledge form and send it to the ISU Foundation Office.

ISU Foundation
Campus Box 8050
Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID 83209
Phone: 208-282-3470
Fax: 208-282-4994

If you would like to speak to the College of Arts and Letters Director of Development about ways in which your contributions may have the most impact, or about how to direct your gift to a specific purpose, please contact Heidi Jarvis-Grimes. She would be happy to talk with you by telephone at (208) 282-5362, or by e-mail at

All contributions are tax-deductible. Please mention that your donations go specifically to the Department of Political Science at ISU.

Remember what Bono of the rock group U2 once said to politicians, diplomats, and corporate executives as he was lobbying them for money and aid to help relieve poverty, disease, and lack of educational opportunities for the people of Africa: "In order to change the world you need open minds, open hearts, and open wallets."

Thank you for your support of our students.