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Spring 2022 Events

Great Ideas in Teaching: Evolving from Traditional to Transformational Teaching with Wendy Mickelsen

PIE Faculty Workshop: Trauma and Teaching with Laura Ahola-Young and Leslie Stewart

Great Ideas in Teaching: To Teach is to Learn with Todd Morris


Fall 2021 Events

Great Ideas in Teaching: Writing in Sequence: How to Prompt Better Thinking in Any Course with Matt Levay

PIE Faculty Workshop: Teaching Difficult Subjects with Berenice Sánchez, Mark McBeth, and Janet Loxterman

Great Ideas in Teaching: Bringing the Outside World to Less-Traveled Students: Tips and Pointers with Shin Kue Ryu


Spring 2021 Events

PIE Faculty Workshop: Program Review and Assessment

 Finding External Reviewers

Great Ideas in Teaching:  The Modern Geometry of the Triangle and Circle with the Geometer's Sketchpad with Bob Fisher  

Bob Fisher Presentation Handout

Great Ideas in Teaching:  Creating A Culture of Consent in the Classroom with Vanessa Ballam

PIE Faculty Panel: Strategies to Create Inclusive Pedgagogies in the Classroom

PIE Faculty Panel: Lessons I've Learned Teaching Hyflex


Fall 2020 Events 

PIE Faculty Workshop: Digital Teaching for Assessment, Engagement, and Integrity

Great Ideas in Teaching with Marco Schoen

Teaching Innovation Grant Symposium

PIE Faculty Workshop: Transforming Signature Assignments into Active Learning Opportunities

Great Ideas in Teaching with Tori Scharp

PIE Faculty Workshop: Creating Connection and Community in Synchronous Online Classes 


Moving your Face-to-Face Classes Online

Dr. Alex Bolinger Presentation 

Online teaching resources

Moving Your Face-to-Face Class Online


Calling Your Shot(s): Designing SLOs for Better Courses

Dr. Zac Gershberg Presentation


Syllabus Construction 101 Workshop

Syllabus Construction 101 

Dr. Karen Appleby Presentation


Simplifying Formative Assessment Workshop

Dr. Clayn Lambert Presentation 

Additional resources


Additional Teacher Resources

Teaching and Learning Resources