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Pre-Requisites & Curriculum


If you wish to be one of our students, you must complete all pre-pharmacy requirements, except for biochemistry, by the end of the spring term of the year you apply. Biochemistry may be completed in the early summer session prior to your admission. Your pre-pharmacy requirements may be completed at any accredited two-or four-year college. These courses provide the foundation necessary for successful completion of the PharmD program. In addition to ISU’s general education requirements and elective credits, you will need to complete the following pre-pharmacy requirements:

Prepharmacy Courses Semester Credits 
General Biology with Lab (ISU's BIOL 1101) 4
General Chemistry I & II with labs (ISU's CHEM 1111, 1112) 8
Intro to Statistics (ISU's MATH 1153) 3
Brief Calculus (ISU's MATH 1160) 3
Organic Chemistry I & II with labs (ISU's CHEM 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304) 8
Biochemistry (ISU's BIOL 4432) 3
General Physics I (ISU's PHYS 1111) no lab required 3
Intro or General Microbiology with lab (ISU's BIOL 2221 or 2235) 4
Economics (ISU's Macro ECON 2201 or Micro ECON 2202) 3
Anatomy and Physiology I & II with labs (ISU's BIOL 3301, 3302) or (ISU's BIOL 2227, 2228)    8
Other Requirements
Complete a minimum of 72 college/university semester credits before beginning the PharmD program at ISU
Students will be expected to complete Idaho State University General Education Objectives 

Course equivalents for Alaskan applicants



The PharmD Curriculum is provided in an environment characterized by sensitivity to the importance of diversity through the utilization of traditional and innovative delivery methods, and tailored to meet the needs of the citizens of Idaho, Alaska and beyond. The College of Pharmacy has an innovative and forward-thinking faculty who have designed a progressive curriculum to enable you to join the profession of pharmacy as a highly competent pharmacy practitioner. The mission of the College's Doctor of Pharmacy program is to develop caring and highly capable pharmacists who positively impact the health care needs of people in our communities, the state and nation.  We are committed to the advancement of the pharmacy profession and the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences through research, service and patient-centered care. 

Doctor of Pharmacy First Year

The first year in the PharmD program will provide a firm foundation in the basic sciences.  Curriculum topics include:

  • Physiology
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmacology

In other courses, students will learn about literature evaluation, research design, career opportunities, and current issues in healthcare. 

Doctor of Pharmacy Second and Third Years

The second- and third-year courses are presented in a modular format, in which the pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutics and pharmacotherapy of specific organ systems or diseases are integrated into one intensive course focusing on disease-state management. These courses will prepare you for the practice of pharmacy. The focus of these courses is:

  • Renal/Pulmonary
  • Cardiovascular
  • Pain Management  
  • Pediatric/Geriatric Pharmacotherapy             
  • Endocrine
  • Hepatic/Nutrition/Gastrointestinal                     
  • Central Nervous System
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Hematology/Oncology

Doctor of Pharmacy Fourth Year

The final 42 weeks are devoted to full-time Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) at various clerkship sites, which are established in the following locations:

  • Pocatello, Boise, Coeur d'Alene and Twin Falls, Idaho
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Anchorage, Alaska

These sites offer the most innovative and highest quality pharmaceutical care being practiced today. Rotations begin in late May and continue throughout the ensuing 12 months after successful completion of the third-year.

APPE's are under the close supervision of well qualified preceptors at sites located throughout Idaho, Nevada and Alaska.  Students build on the skills and knowledge obtained in the previous three years of the pharmacy curriculum and have the opportunity to serve a wide variety of patient populations in various practice settings.  

Dual Degree Programs

Our joint-degree program permits you to study concurrently for a PharmD and a graduate degree. Professional pharmacy students may apply for early admission to a graduate program following completion of the PharmD first year.  Possible degrees include:

  • PharmD/MBA
  • PharmD/PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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