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Application Process

Applicants are strongly encouraged to obtain pharmacy experience prior to applying for admission to the PharmD program. Pharmacy experience can be gained through shadowing or working in a paid position within a pharmacy.

Students must submit an application through PharmCAS (, the centralized pharmacy college application service for PharmD programs. 

ISU’s College of Pharmacy uses a rolling admissions process. Applications are reviewed within one week of completion (i.e., all documents received and verified by PharmCAS). Applicants are invited to schedule an in-person or remote interview right away.

There are two admission options – priority consideration or regular admission. Either option leads to admission into the same Doctor of Pharmacy program. There is no designation in PharmCAS.

Priority Consideration

An option for students who know Idaho State University is their college of first choice and have completed General Chemistry I & II, Biology I, Statistics and several ISU general education requirements by the December 1 application deadline. 

Regular Admission

This application option is for all other students who plan to complete the prepharmacy and general education requirements by the April 3 application deadline. 

Application Materials

  1. Completed PharmCAS application for Idaho State University College of Pharmacy; PharmCAS application fees begin at $175
  2. Official transcripts of all previous college coursework, including detailed evaluation of all international coursework – submitted to PharmCAS
  3. Two letters of recommendation, recommended that one of the two be from a pharmacist – submitted to PharmCAS
  4. Application essay (personal statement) – submitted to PharmCAS

Admissions Timeline

July 14 – PharmCAS opens

December 1 – application deadline for priority consideration

April 3 – application deadline for regular admission

Monthly – in-person and remote interviews (notification of admission within 1 week) 

Criminal Background Check

Upon acceptance into the PharmD program, students are required to complete criminal background checks. An applicant will be disqualified from admission for a criminal record of conviction, plea agreement, withheld judgment, and/or pending charges considered serious in nature (felony or misdemeanor). Contact the College directly before applying if you have any questions about this policy.

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