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Advising and Admissions Team - PharmD

Ronda Mahl

Administrative Assistant for                          Student Success


(208) 282-4597
Cynthia Tillotson, MPA, DA

Director of Admissions and Enrollment, Pre-Pharmacy Advisor

Cynthia Tillotson

(208) 282-3223
Linda Jackson, MCoun, MS

Pre-Pharmacy Admissions and                          Advising

Linda Jackson headshot

(208) 282-2280


Advising and Admissions Team - PharmD

Erin Colbun

Director of Recruitment and Student Success

 Erin Colburn

(208) 373-1758


Mara Seignemartin

Alaska Programs Coordinator

Mara Seignemartin

(907) 786-6553


Advising and Admissions Team - MS, PhD, MSCP

Dong (Danny) Xu, PhD

Director, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Programs 

(208) 373-1832
Eric Silk, PhD

Director, Clinical Psychopharmacology

Eric Silk

(208) 373-1802

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