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Christopher Owens, Interim Dean for the College of Pharmacy

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Friends:

Serving as Interim Dean for the ISU College of Pharmacy is truly an honor. To our incoming students, I again welcome you and wish you the best as you adapt to the rigors of pharmacy school! To our current students, staff, and faculty, I look forward to our continued work together to promote the profession of pharmacy and to serve our communities! And to our alumni and friends, I express my sincere appreciation for your continuing support and dedication!

To our former dean, Dr. Paul Cady, I also wish to say a sincere thank you for all of his work and leadership over the years. I have personally benefited from Dr. Cady’s mentorship and know that his vision for the College has facilitated our growth and success and his hard work has expanded our influence throughout Idaho, Alaska, and beyond. I am glad that he will be continuing to work with us as a member of the faculty. 

I came to ISU 20 years ago, in the Fall of 1998. I knew it would be a life-changing experience for me, but had no idea how much. Over the years I have had the privilege of learning from and working with outstanding faculty, dedicated staff, and amazing students and residents. As a student, I myself was a beneficiary of scholarship funds that were only available because of generous alumni who were committed to supporting the next generation of pharmacists. Each and every one of you has a contribution to make. All of us working together have made the ISU College of Pharmacy what it is today —and are its future as well. 

On the wall of my office is a quote that has always inspired me. It is attributed to the philosopher Aristotle and reads, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”—may we all continue to live up to, and further elevate through our consistent and daily actions, the standard of EXCELLENCE in pharmacy practice, research, community engagement, and education for which the ISU College of Pharmacy has been known for going on 100 years. 

Since opening our doors in 1920, the College has worked to develop caring and highly capable pharmacists who positively impact the health care needs of patients. We recently announced that we are in the public phase of our first ever capital campaign. This $15 million campaign is part of our Centennial Celebration which will take place in the fall of 2020. Our focus is to increase scholarships, along with capital and program needs to provide the best teaching and learning environments for our faculty and students.

I am asking you to consider the impact that the College of Pharmacy has had on your career and quality of life and join me by contributing to the college during our Centennial Campaign. This site will highlight the many ways that you can give to the campaign. 


Christopher T. Owens, PharmD, MPH
Interim Dean/Associate Professor