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Volunteer Opportunities for Alumni

Alumni of the L. S. Skaggs College of Pharmacy contribute in many ways to the College and to the education of our student pharmacists. We value the knowledge and experience of our alumni and we want to expand the opportunity for you to shape the future of our student pharmacists and our profession. Please consider volunteering for one or more of the following opportunities. When you click on one of the opportunities links, a webpage will open that begins with your name and contact information. All of the opportunities to volunteer are on this webpage so please scroll down to find the opportunities in which you wish to volunteer.

Faculty Development

To ensure a contemporary curriculum, the faculty must be provided opportunities to engage in life-long learning and faculty development. The current focus on faculty development is equity and inclusion. If you have expertise in this topic, please volunteer to work with us. But at any given time we will be addressing multiple topics in our development program. Let us know if you have a topic that you believe would be of value to ensuring a contemporary curriculum. These activities will require only a few hours a month.


Historically, our alumni have contributed to our curriculum by serving as preceptors for our students on experiential education rotations. The College now realizes it is missing a great opportunity by not inviting our alumni to contribute to our curriculum in other ways. Below is a list of those ways and we invite you to take the opportunity to contribute to producing outstanding pharmacists. These activities can vary from only a few hours a month to several hours a month.

Alumni Relations

In 2020 the College appointed an Alumni Advocacy Board. The Board has been meeting regularly to, among other things, develop ways for the College to better connect with the alumni community. This call for alumni to volunteer to engage in important activities is an example of the Board’s efforts. It allows alumni to assist and support the College and its student pharmacists with solutions to current and future needs. These activities will require only a few hours a month.

Dean’s Office

The Dean’s Office is always looking for ways to connect with alumni. Currently, we have the Dean’s Advisory Council and we invite you to volunteer to serve on this Council advising the Dean. The Dean’s Office is committed to launching a refreshed and expanded offering of professional development programs for practicing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, many of which will include other healthcare providers. While intended to be higher level learning with advanced outcomes, continuing education credit will be provided. We are establishing a Professional Development Committee to guide this commitment and invite your participation. These activities will require only a few hours a month.

Student Engagement

Connecting with current students as they complete their academic degree program is a defining way for graduates who have come before to share their nurturing and philanthropic spirit. Alumni mentorship allows you to actively participate in the educational process and provide expertise in a way that is meaningful to you. Some ideas are listed below but we’d love to discuss yours as well. These activities can vary from only a few hours a month to several hours a month. These activities will require only a few hours a month.


The L. S. Skaggs College of Pharmacy operates Bengal Pharmacy and the Integrated Mental Health Clinic. Bengal Pharmacy has locations in Pocatello, Arco, and Challis. Bengal Pharmacy also provides vaccine clinics in-conjunction with ISU clinics and the Idaho Immunization Coalition.  There are many opportunities year round for alumni to attend these clinics to administer vaccines and/or supervise student pharmacists. Alumni licensed in Idaho may also volunteer to provide other Bengal Pharmacy activities like community outreach and staffing relief work. These activities can vary from only a few hours a month to several hours a month.

Project Echo

ECHO Idaho is an educational resource empowering health care professionals in Idaho’s remote or underserved communities to treat complex chronic diseases with specialist-level expertise. Clinicians statewide join ECHO Idaho using video conferencing for one-hour sessions that include brief lectures, case reviews, resource sharing, and discussion.

Sessions are conveniently scheduled and participants can earn free accredited continuing education credits. In this way, ECHO Idaho revolutionizes health care education and exponentially increases workforce capacity to provide best practice specialty care and reduce health disparities.

If you are a pharmacist, physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, psychologist, counselor, social worker, or other health care or social service professional who wants to improve your skills, then ECHO trainings are for you. ECHO activities will require only a few hours a month.


The College just completed a successful Bengal Giving Day after having just completed a goal-breaking Centennial Celebration Capital Campaign. In addition to these high profile advancement activities, small scale activities with prospective donors,  from personal calls to group dinners, are important advancement activities. These activities will require only a few hours a month.

Focus Groups

The College’s Office of Assessment will soon be launching focus group meetings on various topics. An example topic is to learn if you see gaps in the knowledge or skills of our graduates as they enter practice. When we identify a topic we will send an invite to those who have volunteered to be on focus groups and include those who are available.

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