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We are ISU

Idaho State University's College of Pharmacy serves the citizens of Idaho and Alaska and is a national leader in telepharmacy services.  The primary degree offered by the College is the four year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) that prepares students to become pharmacists.  The PharmD degree is delivered synchronously in Pocatello and Meridian, Idaho and Anchorage, Alaska.  In addition, our newly expanded graduate program offers a Masters and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences to Idaho students.   Our programs are competitively priced, feature award winning faculty and student organizations and have excellent placement and pass rates.  We train caring and collaborative pharmacists and scholars while valuing integrity, access, inclusiveness, collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and accountability. 

Live and study among some of the most beautiful scenery the west has to offer!  Hiking, fishing, mountain biking and boating are some of the activities that our students and their families enjoy during their education.  


Brief History of the College

Idaho State University College of Pharmacy was founded by Eugene O Leonard in 1920 at the Idaho Technical Institute in Pocatello, Idaho.  Mr. Leonard began as the director of the Division of Pharmacy and then served as Dean until 1948. 

The pharmacy program was initially housed in Swanson Hall.  It resided for short periods in Faris Hall and Baldwin Hall before it finally landed in Leonard Hall in 1942, where classes continue today. 

Classes in the two-year pharmacy program leading to the PhG (Pharmacy Graduate) were first offered in 1920.  By 1922, the three-year PhC (Pharmaceutical Chemist) degree was also available.  In the fall of 1929 the school began offering the four-year BS degree in pharmacy under the banner of the Southern Branch of the University of Idaho.  By 1932, the BS degree was mandatory in all states for licensure in pharmacy.  In 1986, the Doctor of Pharmacy degree became the single entry-level professional degree in pharmacy. 

Enrollment has ranged from 40 students in 1925 to 337 students in 1976. 

Over the years, we have grown to provide quality education with students and faculty at 3 full sites in Alaska and Idaho.  Today, our student outreach programs receive regional and national awards, and our pass rates for the NAPLEX remain highly competitive.  We currently hold full accreditation by the Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education through 2025. 



Guiding Documents

The College of Pharmacy carefully and strategically plans the curriculum we provide to our students to ensure it meets our highest standards.  The documents below direct and guide us in our efforts to educate caring and competent pharmacists.


All 3 sites of the Idaho State University College of Pharmacy PharmD program are fully accredited through June 2025 by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.  Questions and comments on ISU's program may be directed to:

Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education

135 La Salle Street, Suite 4100

Chicago, IL  60503