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Why PC2?

A researcher's hand holding a small fish in a net

Are you interested in natural resource conservation, but not sure about the path or job outlook? Are you considering a major in Biology, but aren't sure which discipline suits you best? Are you just interested in taking a fun, hands-on class to gain some credits? These are all reasons to take PC2!

Research has shown that students who engage in immersive, academic skills courses have more success through college and upon entering the work force. Connections with peer mentors, faculty and staff, and professionals in the field gives you access to information about classes, experiences, and internships that fit your path. Meaningful assignments and experiential projects help build your knowledge, skills, and self-identity in the field. And upon graduation, the Academic and Experiential Portfolios you have built and the professional connections you have made will help you transition smoothly in to the career that fits you best. Check out the "Register for PC2" tab on the homepage to sign up for PC2 today.