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Parking Regulations

Idaho State University

625 East Humbolt, Bldg. 27, Pocatello, ID, 83209

(208) 282-2625 

Idaho State University- Idaho Falls

1784 Science Center Drive, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402

(208) 282-7811 

Idaho State University- Meridian

1311 East Central Dr, Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 373-1700 


Authority and Application

Appeals Process


Revocation of Parking Privilege's

Prohibited Parking Use

Permanent No Parking Areas

Direction and Distance

Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

Times of Enforcement

Traffic and parking regulations are enforced during the entire year, including the summer.

ISU Pocatello

ISU Idaho Falls

ISU Meridian


All persons using ISU parking facilities must display a permit of some type. The permit must be obtained from the Parking Office.

Vehicles (to include campers, trailers, and boats) on which any dimension is greater than the following: eight feet (8') in width, twenty-one feet six inches (21'6") in length, and nine feet (9') in height shall not be parked on any street, alley or parking lot within the campus district for a period no longer than one hour, except vehicles engaged in loading or unloading purposes.


Types of Permits

Categories of Permits

Permit Prices

Change of Ownership, Use, or Address

Permit Refund Policy

Parking Permits for Attendees of Non-Credit Classes and Clinics

Registration of Vehicles/Boats/Trailers

Traffic Regulations

All city and state traffic rules, regulations, and laws apply to university property. Therefore, whenever a rule, regulation, directive, or law specifies application on a highway, roadway, or any other public domain, that rule, regulation, directive, or law shall apply and will be enforced as a university traffic regulation on university property, including, but not limited to parking lots, roadways and other property.

Idaho Code Title 49 Chapter 6 Section 49-623, pertaining to the operation of an emergency vehicle, shall apply to all Public Safety officers driving Public Safety vehicles.

Idaho Code Title 49 Chapter 6 Section 49-625, pertaining to yielding to an emergency vehicle, shall apply to all persons operating motor vehicles on university property; to wit: motor vehicles on university property must yield to Public Safety vehicles in an emergency. Further, motor vehicles operating on university property must stop for Public Safety vehicles when Public Safety vehicles give a visual or audible signal to bring the vehicle to a stop.

No vehicle may be driven on campus at a speed of more than 15 miles per hour or as posted.

As modified from the Idaho Statutes, Title 49 under Motor Vehicles, Chapter 3: Motor Vehicle Driver's Licenses: "49-316. DRIVER'S LICENSE TO BE CARRIED AND EXHIBITED ON DEMAND. Every licensee shall have his driver's license in his immediate possession at all times when operating a motor vehicle and shall, upon demand, surrender the driver's license into the hands of a Public Safety officer for his inspection. However; no person charged with a violation of the provision of this section shall be convicted if a driver's license, issued to the person and valid at the time of his arrest, is produced in court."

Sidewalks on campus are limited to pedestrian traffic. Skateboarding, roller-skating, and rollerblading are prohibited within 20 feet of any building where glass windows are less than three feet above the level of the ground. Bicycles should travel at a reasonable rate of speed on all university sidewalks.

Designation of Parking Lots

Each campus parking area is designated in one or more the following ways:

  • Reserved (red) lot signs bearing the lot designation, such as "R-1", and the letters "PERMIT REQUIRED". These lots are for holders of that reserved permit only.    
  • General (yellow) lot signs bearing letters "CAMPUS PERMIT REQUIRED." These lots are for holders of general permits except for spaces and areas posted otherwise.  ISU Meridian requires an additional Faculty/Staff sticker to be placed on the General Lot hangtag in order to park in designated Faculty/Staff parking areas.
  • Campus Housing (green) lot signs bearing the campus housing complex name and the letters "PERMIT REQUIRED".  

A posted sign clearly indicating one or more of the above designations will be placed at each parking lot entrance. Loading zones and parking areas for disabled persons, visitors, official vehicles, whether within or outside of a parking lot, will be clearly posted as such.

The posted sign will also include the times and days during which parking permit requirements are in effect.

Spaces that are signed for individual parking require the private vehicle to display a permit for that lot.

Faculty, staff, and students are NOT allowed to park in the following Patron/Client Lots without the proper authorization:

  • Medical Parking in R02 lot
  • Museum Parking
  • Cosmetology Parking
  • Auto Tech/Auto Collision
  • The Partnership School parking lots (next to and behind the Education building)
  • Holt Arena visitor loop (located on the north side)
  • ISU Meridian Clinic or Visitor Parking
  • Any visitor lot in Idaho Falls
  • Accelerator Center Patron Parking

Reserved lot permits are available for sale to faculty and staff on July 1 of each year. "Faculty and staff" is defined as any person whose name appears on an employee list provided by the ISU Human Resources Office and who has a valid faculty/staff card. Reserved lot permits are available for sale to students the first school day of the second week of classes in the fall semester. Reserve lots will be oversold only where practical and by no more than five percent (5%).

Food Services, Lookout Credit Union, and KISU-TV employees may purchase reserved lot permits if they wish.

Students residing in campus housing will be issued permits in the campus housing lot nearest their residence. A housing overflow lot will also be designated.

Affiliate faculty members will be required to purchase a permit.


Requests for waivers of any of the above regulations must be submitted in writing to the Parking & Traffic Supervisor. The written request must contain full justification for the need for such waiver and must be approved in writing before the regulation may be regarded by the applicant as waived or altered.

Violation Fines


Fines are payable:

  • At the Parking Offices of ISU, ISU Meridian, or ISU Idaho Falls during normal business hours.
  • Online through the Parking Portal.
  • By postal mail. If paid by mail, fines may be paid by check or money order made payable to Idaho State University, ISU Public Safety Campus Box 8140, Pocatello, Idaho 83209-8140.

Any person who deposits, throws, discards, or otherwise disposes of any litter on campus property may be cited for littering.

Persons who receive a citation for parking or driving on the grass will also be charged for the cost of repairing any damage to university property.

Persons parked in violation of more than one regulation may be cited for each offense. Violation of timed spaces or pay station spaces may be cited for each time violation (i.e., each hour, 2 hours, 30 minutes, or as appropriate).

Fines must be paid for or a written appeal filed with the Campus Parking Office within ten (10) working days after the violation. Appeal forms are available online or in the Parking Office. 

Students with unpaid fines will not be able to obtain transcripts or transfer records until all fines are paid in full. Faculty and staff will not be issued parking permits until all fines are paid in full. Habitual offenders will be turned into their respective disciplinary authority. 

Student offenses that necessitate disciplinary measures in addition to violation fees assessed will be referred to Student Affairs for appropriate action.

For all purposes of these regulations and in such cases in which a violation has occurred, it will be presumed, in the absence of proof to the contrary, that the violator is the registered owner of the vehicle as the information appears on record in the Department of Law Enforcement in Boise or other states.

Fine Amounts

Special Event/Activities Parking Arrangements

Special Event arrangements must be made by contacting Parking at (208) 282-2625 at least three days in advance to the event. Lot closures for event parking will be charged at $200/day for days 1 & 2 and $100 each additional day (ASISU Events $50 per day). Departments who fail to make arrangements in advance will be charged $50.00 in addition to $5.00 for each citation issued.

Idaho Falls has designated the parking area in the northwest corner behind the Bennion Student Union Building as event parking to allow students unimpeded parking next to the classroom buildings. Individuals in the assigned event parking area will be required to display an authorized guest permit unless other prior arrangements have been made.


Visitor parking permits are available at each respective campus Parking Office and at the Parking Information Booth in Pocatello. Day use passes are available for $5 and are valid in any General Parking lot on campus. Day use passes are only valid for the dates written on the pass. 

Visitors may also utilize pay station spaces. These spaces are located throughout the Pocatello and Idaho Falls campuses.

Visitors with state issued Disabled Placards are allowed to park anywhere on campus. 

Housing residents are allowed to provide their visitor with a free pass during their visit, Please visit the Pocatello Parking Office at 625 E Humbolt Street, located inside Public Safety, to receive this pass.