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Challenge Course

Our Challenge Course consists of a 50' Alpine Tower, giant swing by choice, and many low element structures. The challenge course provides unique challenges and team-oriented experiences for groups of 8 to 24. Facilitators can work with groups to address many things, such as: team building, group cohesion, trust, support, communication, judgment, decision making, personal confidence, physical agility, and coordination.

For reservations and forms please email CW HOG's Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, Bob Ellis, ( or call the Outdoor Adventure Center office at (208) 282-3912.

Challenge Course Activity Options

2 Hour Low Element Group building course (8-25 participants): Objectives for this course can address group cohesion, communication, leadership, problem solving, and working towards being a more efficient functioning team. Group problem solving initiatives can be accomplished on the Tower base and on surrounding low element activities which focus specifically on your group’s desired objectives. As with all courses an important element to a group’s success is having FUN!

COST: $140 for 8-12 participants. $5 for each additional person.


2 Hour High Elements course (8-12 participants): The Tower can be used for individuals and presents the same challenges as rock climbing and high ropes course elements. This programming option addresses trust, communication, and confidence (due to the climber/belayer relationship). The Tower is a great way to instill confidence and self-esteem.

COST: $155 for 8-12 participants. Maximum of 12 participants.


4 Hour Group building course (8-25 participants): This course provides the best of both Low and High elements. The day will start with a series of activities that will create some cohesion within the group and set a tone for an atmosphere of fun, challenges, and learning. The second part of our day will focus on climbing/swinging with our objectives being safety, fun, and learning about breaking through boundaries.

COST: $260 for 8-12 participants. $10 for each additional person.


8 Hour Corporate Group building course (8-30 participants): The 8 hour course is for the corporate group that is looking for an Experiential Education retreat. Over the course of 8 hours we will have the opportunity to facilitate and debrief a number of activities working to get to the heart of your groups goals and desired outcomes for the day. The day will cover group cohesion, working together, communication, leadership, self-esteem, and confidence. Your day will end with a thrilling ride on our King Swing and a debriefing of the day’s events.

COST: $500 for 8-12 participants. $20 for each additional person.

OPTION:For a little extra charge and some advanced notification CW HOG can provide a Dutch Oven lunch as part of your day.

Challenge Course Waiver

Alpine tower portion of the challenge course