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Apply Now for the Meridian or Pocatello campus! 

We offer one application process for either campus. If your application is successful, you will be asked to provide a campus preference and assignments will be made based on your ranking in the application process and seat availability.  You can increase your ranking by meeting and exceeding all of our entry requirements.   We will offer 20 seats at each of our Pocatello and Meridian campuses each fall. 

Application Process (Meridian & Pocatello)

  1. Every applicant must complete an online application to the ISU Graduate School
  2. AND every applicant must apply to the MOT program in one of two ways:

Academic and other credentials will be reviewed competitively and an interview may be required prior to acceptance.  Applicants should be aware that although they may meet minimal entry-level requirements it does not guarantee acceptance into the program.  Although the MOT program does accept non-resident and international students, the majority of seats are given to qualified Idaho residents in accordance with the mission of the university.  Students will be selected on a competitive basis. Those who are offered seats in the program and who wish to attend should submit the Acceptance Form at that time to ensure their seat is reserved.

The ISU Occupational Therapy Program accepts applications on a rolling basis, however, completed applications received by January 15th will receive preference for admissions. Further, receipt of a completed application by January 15th is required if an applicant wishes to be considered for a $1,500 Academic Merit Scholarship.

Application Fees

All applicants to the MOT program must apply to and pay a $120 fee to the ISU Graduate School. 

Applicants who choose to apply via OTCAS will also pay a fee for that service ($125 for 1 program, $45 for each additional program).  There is no fee to apply via paper application. 

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a MOT Acceptance/Seat Confirmation Fee  of $300.00 to:  MOT, Stop 8045, Pocatello, ID 83209. This Acceptance/Seat Confirmation fee is applied to the student's tuition for the first semester.