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Student Occupational Therapy Association

An occupational therapist holding a saladWho We Are

At Idaho State University, the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is doing a lot to promote occupational therapy and help OT students reach greater heights during their academic career.

SOTA provides

  • fellowship among students and faculty,
  • information concerning local, state, and national occupational therapy affairs,
  • educational opportunities through community service activities and guest speakers,
  • opportunities to attend state and national conferences
  • opportunities to participate within the organization and gain leadership experience

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to establish, facilitate, and promote Occupational Therapy interests among the membership and within the community. We are a non-profit, student-run organization that promotes occupational therapy (OT) through community service, public relations, fundraising, and campus activities.

SOTA objectives

  1. To provide optimum learning opportunities within the scope, field and profession of Occupational Therapy.
  2. To provide unity and collaboration among the membership.
  3. To provide the membership with current developments in research in both Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science.
  4. To promote Occupational Therapy in the University and in the community.
  5. To encourage Occupational Therapy practice in rural settings.