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FAQs regarding prospective student advising

Who advises prospective students?

Can I rely on advice given to me by department faculty and staff?

FAQs for MOT admissions

When is the application deadline?

Will you still accept applications even if the deadline has passed?

I understand that only “complete” applications are considered by the admissions committee, but when is an application considered to be “complete”?

How do I apply to the MOT program?

After I apply through OTCAS, do I have to do anything else?

What fees are involved in applying to the MOT program?

If I pay the OTCAS fees for applying, why do I have to pay more to the ISU Graduate School?

Can I apply even if I haven’t completed all of the prerequisite courses?

How does the admissions committee evaluate applications?

When can I expect a response to my application?

How does the admissions committee communicate its decisions to applicants?

Can I be admitted to the MOT program with advanced standing and/or receive credit toward the degree for courses that I have taken at other institutions?

FAQs for MOT prerequisites

What prerequisite courses are required for admission to the MOT program?

Where can I take prerequisite courses?

Are courses with pass-fail grades accepted?

Can I test out of a prerequisite course?

Can I substitute life experiences for a prerequisite course?

Do I have to have all of the prerequisites completed before I apply to the MOT program?

Will any chemistry course satisfy the prerequisite requirement?

Can I count an anthropology course as fulfilling a sociology requirement (or vice versa)?

Will any anthropology course satisfy the cultural anthropology requirement?

What courses can I use to satisfy the liberal arts requirement?

What specifics are you looking for in the prerequisite courses?

Do I have to get certain grades in prerequisite courses for them to count?

FAQs for observation/volunteering hours

How many hours of observation/volunteering in occupational therapy are required to apply to the MOT program?

Will I have a better chance for admission to the program if I have more than the minimum required observation hours?

I work in a setting with occupational therapists. Can I count work time toward my observation hours?

Can I observe an occupational therapy assistant (OTA) rather than a professional occupational therapist?

Can you recommend places for me to observe?

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