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2021 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

in Education Conference

“Equity and Inclusion in Rural and Diverse Educational Communities”

October 29, 2021, 5-9 pm

This year’s conference theme is Equity and Inclusion in Rural and Diverse Educational Communities. We invite researchers and practitioners to share their research and experiences related to this year’s conference theme or any other area of educational research related to equity and inclusion. 

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Keynote Speaker

Photo of Dr. Brooke Vick
Building Inclusive Environments for Equitable Outcomes: Promoting Access, Participation, and Learning within Educational Communities


Brooke Vick, Ph.D. is the Associate Provost for Faculty and Diversity Initiatives and Associate Professor of Psychology at Muhlenberg College, a private liberal arts college in Allentown, PA. She comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion leadership through her work as a social psychologist specializing in prejudice, discrimination, intergroup relations, and marginalized social identities. Dr. Vick’s writing and research in the areas of prejudice and social stigma, inclusion and equity in higher education has been published in journals of Psychology and Higher Education including Liberal Education, and Perspectives in Psychological Science, among others. Outside of her work at Muhlenberg College, Dr. Vick regularly works with faculty and staff at institutions and organizations across the country on inclusive and antiracist practices and currently serves as the President and Co-Chair of the Liberal Arts Diversity Officers (LADO) consortium.

Organized by the College of Education. Co-sponsored by: Office of Equity and Inclusion and the ISU Diversity Resource Center