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Tips for Success as a Teacher/Coach

  • A successful teacher/coach does NOT need to have experience with engineering and robotics
  • Encourage students to learn about applicable science and engineering concepts with the aid of Idaho TECH Activities and/or other learning sources
  • Help team access resources (online learning sources, order additional parts, etc.)
  • Present guiding questions as students go through the engineering design process
  • Ensure that design guidelines are followed
  • Aid in the overall organization of the team
  • Do NOT directly assist in construction of the Mars Rover
  • OBSERVE and support at the Engineering Design Competition


Recommended Schedule of Tasks

According to the 2014 survey, teams met anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week and spent a total of 2 – 6 hours per week on Idaho TECH. Teachers/Coaches reported spending anywhere from 20 – 60 hours total in addition to team meeting times. You can expect to spend more time as it gets closer to the EDCs in April. The following is a rough, tentative outline of tasks which will need to be customized for your individual teams 

October – April
    Teachers/Coaches gauge interest and put together teams with parent and community support
    Teachers/Coaches assess need for fundraising to attend EDC 
    Teams learn about Team Building and Space Exploration with Idaho TECH Activities 

    Teams Inventory LEGO® kits
    Teacher/coach orders additional parts asap
    Teams explore LEGO® Kits and pneumatics with Building Cards included in the kits 

January - April
    Teams Develop Timeline
    Teams Create Budgets
    Teams learn and apply the Engineering Design Process
    Teams keep Lab Notebook throughout entire process 

March – April
    Teams finalize and test Mars Rover design
    Teams create poster and presentation for EDC 

April – May
    Teams attend Engineering Design Competition in Pocatello, Twin Falls, or Moscow
    Teams Inventory LEGO® Kits and teacher/coach returns kits to ISGC


Ask Questions

As a teacher, coach, parent, or community member you are not alone! Please reach out to us for support through the Idaho TECH process. As with anything worthwhile, the Idaho TECH Mars Rover can be challenging!

Email or call (208) 390-1822

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