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LEGO Part Information


Here are some rules and guidelines for you to consider when helping your teams gather and purchase additional LEGO®s and Non-LEGO® Allowable Elements. Help your teams consider which aspects of the engineering design process (page 8 of the manual) they are engaging in when considering additional parts to purchase.



  1. Each team may spend no more than $50 for additional LEGO®s (actual cost or estimated cost if donated.) ANY TEAM WHO SPENDS MORE THAN $50 ON ADDITIONAL LEG0®S WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED.
  2. Expenses for additional LEGO®s and non-LEGO® Allowable Elements are the responsibility of each team. Parts can be purchased or can come in the form of donations. If the LEGO®s are donated, you must research to determine the estimated cost of each LEGO® for the team's budget. (see "Where to Order Parts" below for tips on where to look)
  3. There is an unlimited fund base for "Non-LEGO® Allowable Elements," which is listed on page 11 of the manual. Any non-LEGO® pieces not listed are NOT permissible in the construction of a Rover model. Batteries and pneumatic tubing fall under "Non-LEGO® Allowable Elements"
  4. Power Sources Guidelines
    • For Kits RN & YN (Pocatello, Twin Falls, and Moscow Competitions)
      Teams MUST use the LEGO® motors as provided. No others will be permissible. 

      Control of the Rover must be remote, using the LEGO® battery box, infrared receiver, and pneumatics supplied. During the competitive events, it is allowable for a team member to hold the pneumatic tubing out of the way and to flip the pneumatic pump switch, whether this switch is on the control panel or on the Rover itself.
  5. Additional Parts must be itemized in the Budget. Refer to page 15 of the manual.
  6. Do NOT glue or distort provided LEGO® pieces! All pieces (except tubing and string) must be returned in the same condition as provided. Any damage to provided LEGO® pieces will result in a charge to replace the damaged LEGOs®.
  7. If you are unsure about a rule, email for clarification.


Where to Order Parts

You may obtain additional LEGO® pieces through donations or by purchasing. I have found success purchasing parts through the following sites:

  1. LEGO Education
    This website has a lot of great newer pieces and kits, especially for the RN & YN kits. However, prices are higher. Ty Stevenson is the contact person, and his email is
  2. BrickOwl
    This is my personal favorite place to order LEGO® pieces. This site is similar to eBay, with multiple sellers in multiple countries. I believe you must set up a PayPal account to order, which protects your information. I have found the best service from the seller "We Game to Please" - VERY quick shipment, receiving the parts in a couple of days.
  3. BrickLink
    BrickLink is very similar to BrickOwl, and I often been able to find parts that I could not find elsewhere.

Note: Students should carefully consider what is needed prior to ordering extra LEGO® parts.

  • The amount of rubber tubing supplied in the pneumatic kit will likely prove insufficient. Many hardware stores or pet stores sell tubing that is small enough to connect firmly to the pneumatic pumps and pistons. Tubing is NOT subject to the $50 additional LEGO® budget limitation.

  • Extra axles, pneumatics, or tires may also warrant strong consideration.

  • Teams will likely find the need for more gears since considerable gearing is needed to increase the turning power of the LEGO motors. (For kits RO & YO)