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Idaho State University

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a new coach how often and how long should my team meet?

Many teams meet once or twice a week for a couple of hours each time.   


Does my team have to wait until we receive out Lego Kits to start preparing for competition?

No! Please start holding meetings with your teams as soon as possible.  The Idaho TECH Website has several team building and Mars exploration activities that do not require the LEGO Kits to complete.  It is important to start early.  In years past teams have regretted not starting preparation by at least November.   


Does the team coach have to be a teacher?

No, but a teacher needs to sponsor the team and must be responsible for returning the LEGO kit after the competition.


Can there be more than one coach for the team?

Yes! A second coach can help shoulder the responsibility of leading the team.  It’s great to have another person to hold weekly meetings in case one of the coaches is unable to be there.