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To submit a public records request to ISU:


Public Records Request Information:

  • The University will provide records based on the description received in a records request. 
  • The majority of records requests are completed by the University at no charge. However, fees may occur when requests are labor intensive due to a high volume of documents and/or redactions, etc.
  • Prepaid Fees - All fees must be prepaid and received by the University before a records request can be processed.
  • Time Spent Fees - Pursuant to Idaho Code § 74-102(10)(b)(iii) requests that take longer than 2 hours of an employee's time to gather and/or copy documents will be charged based on the associated employee's hourly rate.
  • Redaction Fees - Pursuant to Idaho Code § 74-102(10)(b)(ii) requests containing nonpublic information will have the nonpublic information redacted. Public records are reviewed by the General Counsel's Office for redactions and the requester will be charged for the service based on the attorney's hourly rate.
  • Paper Copy Fees - Pursuant to Idaho Code § 74-102(10)(b)(i) requests resulting in more than 100 pages of printed records will be charged $0.05 per page. There is no charge for electronic records.

Note: All requests made to ISU may themselves be subject to release as a public record.

Pursuant to I.C. §74-120, requests for information may NOT be used for any commercial purpose or as a mailing list.  

Link: The Office of the Attorney General - Idaho Public Records Law Manual is available at:


Purpose of the Idaho Public Records Law:

"…The intent of the law is that all records maintained by state and local government entities be available for public access and copying. At the same time, the Legislature recognized the need to balance this policy of openness against the equally important need for privacy of certain information provided by citizens and businesses that is necessary for the conduct of the government’s business.1  This balance is contained in Idaho Code § 74-102, which states that 'all public records in Idaho are open at all reasonable times for inspection except as otherwise expressly provided by statute.'" (Wasden, Lawrence, (July 2018), Office of the Attorney General Idaho Public Records Law Manual Idaho Code §§ 74-101 through 74-126, p.1,