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Contracts / Affiliation Agreements

Submitting a Contract or Affiliation Agreement

The Office of the General Counsel provides supports to ISU programs through reviewing contracts and affiliation agreements. Please read below on requirements and the contract process.


Processing Time: Due to a high volume of contracts, please allow at least 4-6 weeks for review and processing time on contracts and affiliation agreements.

Contract Requirements:

These two areas on campus review all contracts on behalf of Idaho State University (ISU): 
Research-Sponsored Programs and General Counsel

Contracts that bring in money to ISU must go through Research-Sponsored Programs by submission into Cayuse. All other contracts must go through General Counsel by submission into Tiger Tracks (Submit a Contract button).


Only people with signature authority can sign contracts on behalf of ISU per the Contract Administration ISUPP 10500.

“Contract” means any document, electronic or physical, that requires University signature or that may impose obligations on the University or may obligate another party, including, but not limited to:

Affiliation Agreements - student and resident clinical internships, rotations, externships, field experiences, and practicums
Articulation Agreements
Consultant Agreements
Employment Contracts
End User License Agreements
Equipment Rentals and Leases
Leases on Real Estate (FBA-Lisa Leyshon)
LOA - Letters of Agreement
LOI - Letters of Intent
Licensing Agreements
MOA – Memorandums of Agreement
MOU – Memorandums of Understanding
Purchases or Sale of Goods and Services
Real Estate Agreements – purchases, sales, rentals, licenses
Real Estate Leases (FBA-Lisa Leyshon)
Service Agreements
Terms and Conditions

(See Definitions section III.A of ISUPP 10500 for more information.)

If you need assistance with contracts, please feel free to ask either department at:

  • OGC General Contracts - to be determined, 208-282-3234
  • OGC Affiliation Agreements (student/resident internships) – Sandi Rich,, 208-282-2683 
  • Research-Sponsored Programs Contracts – Pati Spotts,, 208-282-3478