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Idaho State University

Phyllis Morris MSN, RN, CRNI, LNC

Accelerated Program Interim Coordinator and Assistant Clinical Professor

College of Nursing
Idaho State University
1311 East Central Drive
Meridian, Idaho 83642 

Office: 569 - Meridian Campus
Phone: 208-373-1782


  • BSN Graceland University
  • MSN Walden University 
  • Legal Nurse Counsulting Duke University 

A picture of faculty member Phyllis Morris


Phyllis Morris has practiced in many different environments in the last 30 years. While at the bedside, practiced included Medical Surgical, acute Pediatric care, ICU, Labor and Delivery, Special Care Nursery, and an Emergency Department. Phyllis has more than 17 years in hospital administration and management. She also has over 23 years of experience in PICC line insertion and IV infusion care including development and implementation of PICC programs in a number of hospitals.

Phyllis’ education includes an MSN in Nursing Education. She also has a national certification for infusion nursing (CRNI) and Legal Nursing Consultation (LNC). Phyllis owns a small business specializing in IV Education for nursing staff and Legal Nursing Consultation. 

Phyllis is currently the interim Coordinator of the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and working part time as an instructor at Idaho State University, teaching didactic classes in Fundamentals, Pediatrics, Professional Nursing and Leadership. She also supervises clinicals in Adult Health, Women and Children and the Capstone Preceptor program.

Featured Scholarship and Publications

Scholarship and Grants:

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