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Welcome to the School of Nursing at Idaho State University

Karen Neill

As we look to the future and embrace the present, we see nurses at the forefront of health care systems, providing competent and compassionate care, engaging with communities, and contributing significantly to quality of care and improved outcomes. This is an exciting time for nurses and the nursing profession, increasingly recognized for contributions to improved health and access to care, spanning communities across the frontier, rural, and urban landscape.

The School of Nursing faculty and staff strive to create a learning environment that encompasses the strengths, passions, and dreams of every student. A sincere thank-you to all of our organizational, community, academic, and other partners who have supported our nursing programs and have contributed to the success of our students. Our students and graduates exemplify excellence in nursing practice, placing the person at the center of care, supporting families, and making measurable contributions to the health of our communities. The School of Nursing recognizes the critical importance of interprofessional collaboration and connecting across disciplines to transform health care delivery through a lens of social justice and advocacy.

As we move forward in these challenging times let’s lean in, celebrating our practice, and instilling hope. Nurses will continue to play a significant role in the health of our nation. Let’s continue to move forward with positivity, strength, and kindness, taking a seat at the table to affect change, and shaping the present and future of health care. Let’s celebrate nursing and the opportunities ahead to make a difference.

Karen Neill, PhD, RN, MS, DF-IAFN

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