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You’ve made the transition to college before. New Student Orientation is here to help you transition into the specific expectations,
culture, and processes at ISU.


  • Complete Pre-Orientation Modules
  • Complete Safe Colleges
  • Register for an NSO Session
  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with an advisor
  • Attend your NSO Session

Check out all the NSO steps and details below so that you know what to expect.


Registration Steps

Step 1 - Complete Pre-Orientation

Step 2 - Complete Safe College

Step 3 - Register for NSO Session

Step 4 - Schedule a one-on-one appointment with your Academic Advisor

Step 5 - Attend Orientation


NSO Details

Before your NSO Session

Bring to your NSO Session

After your NSO Session



Is Orientation mandatory?

Will I complete class registration at New Student Orientation?

What do I do if I need special accommodations?

What if I cannot attend the New Student Orientation?

Can I bring my parents and guests?

Where do I get my student ID Card?

How do I get to campus?

Where can I find a map of campus?