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Winners of Idaho State University Spring 2017 8-Week Fitness Challenge Announced

  Each semester, the Wellness Center sponsors a fitness challenge for faculty, staff and students to help them meet health and fitness goals.

This semester, the winner of “Most Improvement in Body Composition” was Ethan Rovig. The winner of the “Most Improvement in Fitness” was a tie between Ginny Lawrimore and Staci Phelan.

            The 8-Week Fitness Challenge is a competition held by the ISU Wellness Center each semester designed to help keep participants motivated in their health and fitness goals.

            The Fitness Challenge offers resources from the Wellness Center to help participants improve their fitness and body composition changes.

            Winners are given complimentary Get-Fit Passports for either the summer 2017 or fall 2017 semesters.

            For more information on the 8-Week Fitness Challenge and how to enter, contact Carol Kirkpatrick at or (208) 282-3559.



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