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Graduate Program

Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Science and Engineering

This program combines the atomic nuclear aspects of Engineering and Science. Research areas range from the more traditional nuclear engineering disciplines (reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, and reactor design) to cross-discipline topics in the fields of radiation detection and measurement, nuclear fuels, and materials development, nuclear fuel cycle systems studies and radioactive waste management.

For complete information about this program, consult the current ISU Graduate Catalog.

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Master of Science in Nuclear Science and Engineering

The Nuclear Engineering Department at Idaho State offers a Master of Science in Nuclear Science and Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering and Applied Science.

The program objectives are as follows:

  • Enhance the knowledge of graduates in the advanced concepts of neutron reactor physics, power reactor thermal hydraulics, nuclear radiation interactions and transport, radiation shielding and detection, medical and industrial applications of radiation, and the economics and safety of these applications.
  • Increase the ability of graduates to synthesize and apply these advanced concepts to develop realistic nuclear engineering designs and to solve identified problems, designing strategies for implementing them safely, ethically, and effectively.
  • Enhance the ability of graduates to communicate these concepts effectively both in oral and written formats.

The master's degree program in Nuclear Science and Engineering prepares the student for advanced placement in the nuclear industry in commercial, research, or development areas. It provides in-depth studies and advanced design concepts in several areas of modern nuclear science and engineering. It is also an excellent program of study for entering th Ph.D. program in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

Course listing for MS in Nuclear Science & Engineering


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