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MSHI Curriculum

The MSHI curriculum consists of 36 credits of core Health Informatics courses. Students without a degree in the computing sciences (such as business informatics, health informatics, computer information systems, or computer science) will be required to take 9 additional credits of prerequisite courses and will be admitted into the MSHI-1.

Students with a degree in a computing discipline will be admitted into the MSHI-2.

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45 credits

The MSHI-1 curriculum includes the the following three classes prerequisite courses listed below (9 credits), in addition to the classes courses listed in the MSHI-2 curriculum, plus section, including either the a project or thesis and an internship within a healthcare organization (36 credits).


36 credits

The MSHI-2 is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in a computing discipline. Students can select from two options: 33 credits of coursework plus a health informatics project, or 30 credits of coursework plus a thesis. Coursework for both options includes a required internship within a healthcare organization.

Health Clinical Practicum (Internship)

All MSHI students are required to complete a 128-hour internship within a healthcare setting. This internship will provide the opportunity to perform various supervised health informatics-related activities in one or more clinical departments.

Health Informatics Project or Thesis

In addition to building a deeper understanding of health informatics through course work, students will gain knowledge and skill in the field by conducting a significant health informatics project or writing a Master’s thesis. The thesis option (6 credits) is for students who wish to gain experience in conducting intense research, and/or plan to pursue a Ph.D. The project option (3 credits) is geared toward students who expect to pursue a non-academic career within the healthcare industry. In addition to the project, students are required to take an additional 3 credit elective course for a total of 6 credits for the project option.

Concurrent & Joint Degree Programs

Undergraduate BBA-HI students in the College of Business have the opportunity to complete the MSHI degree concurrently, giving students the chance to broaden their business skills and career outlook.


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