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Core Theme 4 Overall Achievement

Core Theme 4 PIC

As an integral component of the community, Idaho State University develops partnerships and affiliations through the exchange of knowledge, resources, research, and expertise. Through a diverse university staff, faculty, and student body, ISU provides cultural, social, economic, and other opportunities to enrich the lives of citizens.





Objective 4.1. Community Engagement

4.1.1  Percentage of students participating in course-based community-engaged learning

4.1.2  Increase the number of alum that participates in community engagement programs (Idaho Food Bank Drive) sponsored by the Alumni Association.

4.1.3  Percentage of ISU graduates still looking for employment after graduation

Objective 4.2. Impact

4.2.1  Total number of individual student appointments for career counseling, resume review, and practice interviews

4.2.2  Percentage of academic departments using advisory boards that include representation from members of the community, industry, and business

4.2.3  The percent of programs with specialized accreditation in "good" standing

Core Theme 4 Analysis

2020 Core Theme 4 Analysis