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Core Theme 3 Overall Achievement

Core Theme 3 PIC

Idaho State University provides statewide leadership in the health sciences. With the academic support of its colleges and the division, the University offers a broad spectrum of degree levels and provides residency training in the health professions. New knowledge is created through biomedical, translational, clinical, rural, and health services research. Teaching, research, practice, and community partnerships provide interprofessional education and excellence in patient care. University clinics provide an environment for learning, inquiry, and comprehensive health care service to the community.




Objective 3.1. Leadership in the health professions

3.1.1  Number of degrees graduate certificates/degrees awarded in ISU’s health professions programs compared to the other Idaho universities

3.1.2  Percent of ISU degrees/certificates awarded in the health professions

3.1.3  The percentage of ISU programs that meet or exceed the first-time pass rate measured against the national average

3.1.4  Number of health sciences programs ISU offers that meet the top 46 health profession workforce needs

Objective 3.2. Delivery of Patient Care and Related Health Services

3.2.1  Number of patient/client visits to outpatient clinics in a fiscal year

3.2.2  Number of prescriptions filled at Bengal Pharmacies in a fiscal year 

3.2.3  Number of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in health-related, course-based community-engaged learning

Core Theme 3 Analysis

2020 Core Theme 3 Analysis