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Core Theme 2 Overall Achievement


Idaho State University provides diverse pathways to support retention and graduation through educational preparation, academic and co-curricular opportunities, and extensive student support services.




Objective 2.1. Educational Access

2.1.1  University Enrollment

2.1.2  Total Enrollment in Early College

2.1.3  Number of total course sections taught at all ISU outreach locations

Objective 2.2. Student Support Services

2.2.1 Percentage of students who self-identified as having improved their academic progress as a result of counseling sessions

2.2.2  Percent of new degree-seeking freshmen completing gateway math within 2 years 

2.2.3  Number of tutoring sessions utilized by undergraduate students

2.2.4  Percent of first-time, full-time, bachelor degree-seeking freshmen graduating within 150% of time

2.2.5  Number of undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded

Core Theme 2 Analysis

2020 Core Theme 2 Analysis