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ISU Mission Fulfillment Reports

Mission Fulfillment Definition

Mission Fulfillment is the extent to which the Institution achieves the essential elements of its mission and core themes.

  • continually evolves and is never truly achieved because as core theme goals are reached, they are replaced or are reset to a higher level
  • drives decision-making at all levels at ISU and is the basis of academic and non-academic units planning and alignment efforts
  • is an ongoing assessment of its mission and core themes that support continual improvement

The Institutional Planning Assessment Process is used to align mission fulfillment and strategic planning.

Each year, the Core Theme Subcommittees use the Core Theme Review Process to review their respective core theme indicators to validate the progress made to mission fulfillment and determine what changes need to occur within the organization.

How is Mission Fulfillment Measured?

The four core themes are created from essential elements of the mission.  Those essential elements are measured to determine the level of mission attainment

How Were Indicators Chosen?

A Core Theme Subcommittee for each core theme identifies objectives and indicators to track their core theme's performance.  The indicators have a meaningful relationship to the objective and inturn the core theme and have quantifiable data available.  Benchmarks and goals are set to identify an outcome. 

How Were Goals Set for Indicators?

The Core Theme Subcommittees set goals for each indicator by analyzing the previous years' data and established benchmarks/goals that were both reasonable and challenging for the Institution 

How is the Mission Fulfillment Score Calculated?

The data was then collected annually and using that analysis, the Core Theme Subcommittees established conclusions about ISU’s effectiveness of student achievement and learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness

The mission fulfillment score is based on the average score of the four core themes that are derived from the average scores of the indicators and objectives 

Did the Indicators Change?

Since their development in 2016, the indicators have evolved over time, just as the Institution has evolved and the NWCCU standards have changed.  Updates occurred in 2017, 2018, and 2020

What Score Equates to Mission Fulfillment?

To achieve mission fulfillment ISU needs to earn a score of 80% or above

ISU's Mission Fulfillment Current Status

ISU Mission Fulfillment Dashboard