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ISU Mission Fulfillment Reports

Mission Fulfillment Definition

Mission Fulfillment is the extent to which the Institution achieves the essential elements of its mission and core themes.

  • continually evolves and is never truly achieved because as core theme goals are reached, they are replaced or are reset to a higher level
  • drives decision-making at all levels at ISU and is the basis of academic and non-academic units planning and alignment efforts
  • is an ongoing assessment of its mission and core themes that support continual improvement

The Institutional Planning Assessment Process is used to align mission fulfillment and strategic planning.

Each year, the Core Theme Subcommittees use the Core Theme Review Process to review their respective core theme indicators to validate the progress made to mission fulfillment and determine what changes need to occur within the organization.

How Does ISU Achieve Mission Fulfillment?

ISU's Mission Fulfillment Current Status

ISU Mission Fulfillment Dashboard