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Idaho State University


Congratulations to the team winners of the 2018 SCUDEM III Math Modeling Contest!

Two teams from ISU and one team from Idaho Falls High School participated in this year's contest that took place on October 27th. Students competed in the SIMIODE challenge using differential equation modeling. The team rankings were:

Outstanding Team Award

 ISU team members:  Rosetta Roberts, Caleb Monoran and Alex Gose-Eells w/team coach Dr. Mufid Abudiab

Meritorious Team Award

 ISU team members: Alex Leonard and Jacob Tolman w/team coach Dr. Yunrong Zhu

Successful Team Award

 Idaho Falls High School team members: James Finlayson and Porter Nielsen w/team coach Sharon Oliver

2018 SCUDEM III Math Modeling Contest Photos