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Massage Therapy Application Process

The priority deadline for this application is June 1st every year for the cohort beginning the following Fall semester. Application must be submitted no later than July 31.


Students must complete the following items to be considered:

  • Massage Therapy Program Admission Form
  • Students must successfully pass the following courses with a “C” grade of better before the Fall start:
    • Massage Therapy Career Exploration MSTH 0100
    • Medical Terminology (HO 0106, HCA 2210, or HE 2210)
    • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology HO 0111 or BIO 3301 & 3302


Common Questions About The Application Process


Question: What is the best way to turn in my application?

Answer: You may scan the application and email it, USPS mail,  or hand deliver it. Make sure to keep a complete copy of the application for your own records.

Massage Therapy Program

Attention: Program Coordinator

921 S. 8th Ave. Stop 8380

Pocatello, Idaho 83209-8380


Question: Is this a competitive application process?

Answer: No, it is “first come, first serve”. We take 16 students full time,  each year, this is a combination of students enrolled in the Intermediate Technical Certificate, and the Associates of Applied Science degree.  The best way to assure your seat is to get your application form in completed as soon as possible. For example, if you complete all three prerequisite classes in the Fall semester, you can turn them in as soon as you have all your requirements listed on the application form completed in December or January.


Question:  When is the best time to turn in the application?

Answer: As soon as you have successfully completed the prerequisite classes, and have the requirements listed on the admissions form completed. This will assure your seat in the program.


Question: What if I am missing completion of just one item on the application form?

Answer: Unless you are past the June 1st priority deadline, please wait to turn in when it is completed.

If you are enrolled in the summer semester prerequisite classes, you may meet with the program coordinator and turn in the application form after mid-terms, and then complete any documentation before the fall semester starts.


Question: If I complete everything in the fall semester, can I start in the spring semester?

Answer: No, however there maybe one or two classes you could take, you would need to meet with the program coordinator to discuss this.