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Graphic Design

Capturing an audience’s attention can be difficult, but we’re here to make it possible. We can help create an eye-catching campaign, whether you need print or digital ads, billboards, posters, brochures, or even shirt designs or wall graphics. Before you make a request, read through the information below. It will help make for a smooth transition from request to completion.

A sample of ISU materials

Plan Ahead
Submitting a request early for events or projects that need promotional materials (invitations, programs, flyers, etc.) is the best way to guarantee success. Most commercial printers require 7-10 business days for production, so please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for your project’s completion. During this time we will design, edit and review your material with the Brand Committee, get quotes and produce your project. The only thing we don’t do is cover the bill.

Be Complete and Accurate
Please include all the information necessary to complete your request in your submission form, including edited content. If you need assistance editing the content, just let us know by filling out a work request form – we are happy to help.

Know Your Audience
Be strategic and selective with your intended audience. Ideally “everyone” will love your project, but for the sake of success, knowing who your audience is and specifically targeting them is the best practice. Some questions to consider about your audience are: What is most relevant to them? What will resonate with them? Why should they attend your event? What value are you providing them?

Helpful Hints

  • Provide high-quality images if you would like them included in your design. If you want images but do not have them, please contact ISU Visual Media Services. They are available to take professional and high-quality shots.
  • Sketches are welcome. If you have a specific vision for your project, feel free to sketch it for us or supply designs that you like, keeping in mind that we will not plagiarize an existing design.
  • To save money (and time) consider electronic communication tools.

Additional Services
We can also make vendor recommendations and assist during the bidding process for your project. We will coordinate with Purchasing for jobs expected to exceed $4,000. Approved files are then transferred to the printer for further proofing and handling.

The Total Copy Center is an on-campus option available for printing.