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Idaho State University

Brand Guidelines

Idaho State University is comprised of truly exceptional departments and organizations. While we fully support the acknowledgements and achievements of each individual part, we must be clearly united as one University in all promotional materials. As you can imagine, the effectiveness of any marketing materials is diluted if there are too many unique styles and no signature ISU brand. To help clarify this identity, Idaho State University developed an integrated marketing plan designed to unify the University’s marketing and communication efforts with a specific Brand Guidelines outlined here.

The Brand Identity is established through the use of logos, colors, fonts, and graphic styles that create a recognizable and consistent image of the University. Adherence to the Brand Guidelines will highlight ISU as a cohesive whole, rather than a collection of units. Audiences respond and appreciate a brand that is instantly identifiable. In any successful Brand Identity program, the public becomes so familiar with the organization, that it will identify the organization even if the name is removed from the material.

In order for Idaho State University’s Brand Identity to be successful, it is imperative for all university unites to follow the guidelines. Dedicated use of the standards will give Idaho State University a consistent and professional image to the people it serves.

Any questions about these Brand Guidelines can be directed to the Marketing and Communications Office at (208) 282-2564 or (208) 282-3620.